The farm Agricola Ballestra & Lorenzi

  • 1962 - THE ORIGIN

    The farm has origin in 1962 when Angelo Lorenzi "Bacì" began to cultivate carnations, roses and calla along with Sons Claudio and Loredana and son-in-law Lino Ballestra.


    In the 80’s the farm was transformed by starting the current production of Cactus and the in the early 90s, her daughter Doriana Ballestra joined the company with her husband Giovanni Lorenzi. During these years the company plays an important role in the succulents sector, becoming a leader in terms of quantity and quality.

  • 2009 - THE EXPANSION

    In 2009 it expanded thanks to the purchase of a neighboring company.

  • 2018 - THE 4th GENERATION

    In 2018 he joined his nephew Samuel Lorenzi to continue the strong family tradition for four generation.

The Production

Our production starts from the smallest part of the plant, the seed. In June, the sowing is done by hand and the first seedlings are expected to grow, which when they reach the right size will be repotted in pots 5.5 ready for sale.

We mainly deal with pot 5,5 but of some varieties we also make pots 6,5 8,5 and 10,5 especially of haworthie, euphorbias and aloe. The company today boasts an area of about 40,000 m² in continuous expansion, with a selection of about 200 varieties of cacti and succulents, and an annual production of about 3,000,000 plants.

New Technologies

In recent years, the company is making investments in new technologies to reduce environmental impact and improve production, through automatic irrigation systems, which reduce the waste of water and high-tech machinery. The company also pays attention to the environment with photovoltaic systems for the production of clean energy. We always work hard to provide the highest quality to our customers.